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MGH Ltd. company is searcing for financiers, creditors and companion for the purchase of new maschines.

MGH Ltd. is a manufacturer of spring pins by ISO 8752 and ISO 13337, according to IFI program and also by special draw or request from our customer.  We export our products to the European and world market of spring pins, since 1992., and the current production capacities ranging from 200-250 tons.

Company MGH Ltd. ensure the tools with which we will be able to produce all of our production range, from Ø 1,5 x 6  - Ø 16x160, and we need to provide 10 new esscentric, strength from 20-80 tons , and also with the old production.

With the new techonology we will increase our producivity for 15-20 % and the capacity of processsg material will be 300 tons per year.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact  us.